Building integrationscan be a challenge.

But let's be real: maintaining them is a whole different ball game.

API Monitoring for Security App Integration

Combining the power of automation with the efficiency of a full service engineering team, the Metron API Monitoring Tool is the end-to-end solution your enterprise needs for monitoring and maintaining third-party integrations for all your security applications.

Setup, Monitor, & Maintain your Integration APIs

Take out the hassle of monitoring and maintaining your Third-party APIs. Metron’s API Monitoring tool is designed specifically for security applications and continuously monitors the REST APIs that you rely on, alerting you immediately if something changes or requires your attention.

Continuous Monitoring

Constant monitoring of third party REST APIs to make sure they work the way you expect.

Schema Checks

The API Contract Checker ensures that each API returns the expected schema elements.


Customize your alerts to notify you of critical APIs, or choose to be alerted on all events.


Monitor and maintain your critical third party APIs without a major commitment of resources.


Metron will rapidly develop API contracts using our framework.


Hosted on Metron servers to ensure 24/7 API monitoring.


Metron will review your integration code and implement API Contracts.

Dashboards and Alerts

Check the health of your APIs anytime with our dashboards. Get Alerted when APIs fail.

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